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Africa is creating one of the world's largest single markets and is building the momentum to for the “Africa We Want”!

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Africa is a huge market with immense opportunities and possibilities. The operational phase of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) was launched at the 12th Extraordinary African Union Summit, on the 7th of July 2019 in Niger. The AfCFTA is a key tool that aims at transforming the continent into one of the world’s largest free trade areas.

It is an undeniable fact that Africa is developing at a fast pace. With an average growth rate of 2.52% per annum, it is estimated that Africa’s current population has already hit the bar of 1.3 billion and it will further double by horizon 2050.

The East African region represents on its own a mass of above 400 million people with an average economic growth of approximately 6% (the highest and most constant GDP growth in 2019, in Africa). The AfCFTA is hence seen as extremely instrumental to enable and drive the economic growth and to create opportunities for sustainable development across the continent and at the regional level.

Vision Boost Africa Holding Ltd (VBA)

Empowering Sustainable Business for Africa's Prosperity

Welcome to Vision Boost Africa Holding Ltd (VBA), a member of the esteemed platform, Vision Network Africa (VNA), founded by the visionary strategist Vinesh Chintaram from Mauritius, with a special focus on Africa. VBA is a dynamic and multi-sectoral business facilitator committed to driving the growth of intra-African trade at the grassroots level. With our headquarters incorporated in Kenya, we extend our services to cover the entire East African region and beyond.


Our Mission:

At VBA, our mission is to empower African businesses, particularly SMEs, by providing comprehensive business development, facilitation, and investment services. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable and resilient economic activities that align with the AU Agenda 2063 and the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) to unlock Africa's true potential.



Business Development: We work closely with entrepreneurs and SMEs to develop their ideas and business plans, ensuring their viability and potential for growth. Our team of experts assists in refining strategies, market analysis, and sustainable business models.


Business Facilitator: VBA acts as a catalyst for connecting businesses, fostering collaborations, and facilitating strategic partnerships. Through our extensive network, we create synergies that drive innovation and expansion across various sectors.


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Our skilled M&A team guides businesses through the complex process of mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures. We ensure that such activities lead to mutually beneficial outcomes and contribute to the growth of African enterprises.


Investment Services: VBA raises investments through the Mauritian IFC (International Financial Centre), connecting investors to promising opportunities across Africa. We emphasize projects that align with sustainable and socially responsible principles.


Affordable Housing Development: Addressing a critical need, we are actively involved in the development of affordable housing projects. By creating access to decent housing, we contribute to improved living standards and inclusive urban development.

Real Estate: VBA identifies and develops real estate projects that promote economic growth, urbanization, and community development. Our projects are designed to be environmentally sustainable and socially impactful.

Industrial Hubs Development: We foster the creation of industrial hubs that encourage manufacturing, job creation, and economic diversification. These hubs play a vital role in enhancing regional trade and economic integration.

Green Economy: Committed to environmental sustainability, VBA actively promotes and invests in green economy initiatives. We support projects that reduce carbon footprint, promote renewable energy, and mitigate climate change impact.

Circular Economy: Embracing the principles of circular economy, we encourage resource efficiency, waste reduction, and recycling initiatives. VBA is dedicated to nurturing a circular business ecosystem that benefits both the environment and businesses.

Commodity Trading: With a focus on intra-African trade, VBA facilitates the trading of commodities to foster economic integration and create value for African producers and consumers.

At Vision Boost Africa Holding Ltd (VBA), we are driven by our commitment to the sustainable development of African businesses and economies. By providing a wide range of services that align with the AU Agenda 2023 and the AfCFTA, we strive to empower African entrepreneurs, promote inclusive growth, and unlock the continent's vast potential. Join us on this transformative journey, as we work together towards a prosperous and resilient Africa.



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Managing Director

Strategy, Finance, Policy

(Mauritian Citizen)

Vinesh Chintaram is a Professional Architect and Urban Designer trained in France & Germany respectively. He is an award-winning architect and has worked for reputed firms in Europe in his early career. Since 2006, Vinesh has been very active across the African continent. He has developed core expertise in strategic project programming, planning and development. Vinesh is the co-founder of VISIO Architecture, one of leading architectural & urban planning practices in Mauritius, with activities across the African continent. He has led several landmark projects successfully.


Vinesh is also an active social philanthropist. He has set up the platform "Vision Network Africa" to promote sustainable development strategies at grassroots across Africa. He is very active at the level. Besides, he has also served several professional organisations in key positions. He is a past president of the Mauritius Association of Architects, and currently serves as the Secretary General of the Africa Union of Architects (AUA). Vinesh also contributes actively on infrastructure, energy, logistics matters, related to the AfCFTA, through the AU-ECOSOCC. He has developed expertise in the field of intra African connectivity and Trade barriers and land borders.


Vinesh is the Founder of Vision Boost Africa (VBA) which aims at accelerating sustainable business development at grassroots across Africa with East Africa region as a focus area.

Elvin Shijenje Maina
PR, Business Development
(Kenyan Citizen)

Shijenje is a Technical Trade & Investment Consultant with 10 years’ experience in the diplomatic and international trade sector.  He is the founder of Afridata Tech a strategic consultancy since 2013 which has worked with various International companies, diplomatic missions & trade bodies including The High Commission of India in Nairobi, EEPC India. Prior to this he has had brief engagements at Kenya Airways and Swissport International Nairobi. He worked at the Consulate of the Republic of Mauritius in Nairobi leaving in 2018 as well as the EDB Mauritius Kenya Office (formerly Enterprise Mauritius Nairobi office). 


He is actively involved in investment promotion and setting up of foreign based businesses in East Africa as well as capital raise activities in the Fintech, green energy, infrastructure & real estate sectors. Shijenje is actively involved in the advocacy of African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA) through the partnership of Vision Network Africa (VNA ), and Vision Boost Africa Holdings (VBA) a strategic investment and trade advisory holding with offices in Kenya and Mauritius where he is the East Africa Lead partner since 2020.


He also provides representation for various international financial management companies in Kenya. In engagements Shijenje has built a robust network in the private and public sectors having organized and supported  over 10 trade and investment forums in Kenya. We work closely with Kenya Investment Authority, KNCCI and UBA as well other relevant GoK institutions in the facilitation of investment and trade



Founder - Managing Director
Elvin Shijenje MAINA


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